Press Release: Essential CMO Launches Website

Press Release: Essential CMO Launches Website

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is giving the renewable and sustainable energy sector a big push.  With new and renewed federal incentives, more companies are signaling an entrance into the market.

For small, medium and even large companies that are focusing on renewable energy sales,  a crowded market can signal the need for a higher level of marketing expertise not available in-house.  That's where Essential CMO and its new website can support renewable energy newcomers and established firms alike. Essential CMO is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO) service that focuses on the renewable and sustainability markets.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs a company's marketing team and is responsible for all marketing outcomes. More than just a marketing consultant, a Fractional CMO provides over-burdened CEOs world-class marketing and analytics, as well as other marketing operations support,  without having to find and hire a CMO.

Jayne Burch, founder of Essential CMO has been helping companies solve their biggest marketing challenges for over two decades.

"I've seen so many failing their potential because they lack the strategy and internal systems to bring their vision to life," says Burch. "Marketing failure not only impacts their revenue, it impacts the customers who will miss their opportunity to save money on energy and lower their carbon footprint."

On the website, CEOs can find critical information about how a Fractional CMO can be integrated into marketing teams of any size.  Businesses can view and download information on such topics as "7 Essential Indicators of Future Success" (that every cleantech CEO should know).

Who is Essential CMO?

Essential CMO has a unique perspective on business and marketing. After years of working with renewable energy companies, we saw how we can specifically help renewable CEOs solve the big problems only world-class marketing can solve.

In 2019 Essential CMO recognized the urgent need that many organizations have for marketing leadership and high-level strategy and began offering Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services. Essential CMO is owned by Marketing Monsoon, LLC.

The mission of Essential CMO is to unlock the potential of renewable energy businesses and help them get the marketing leadership they need to get it done right – and get it done now. Essential CMO provides a fractional Chief Marketing Officer to help renewable energy, sustainability, and cleantech companies get the critical data, ROI, and marketing performance they need from their marketing operation.

Essential CMO saw how frustrating it can be to have big goals but be bogged down by marketing that isn’t working well or takes up too much time.

We see that the world has a growing need for renewable and cleantech products and services. Without “world-class” marketing these companies may fail to connect with their best prospects and customers who therefore may miss their opportunity to save money on energy and lower their carbon footprint. Marketing is how renewable energy companies best serve their prospective customers.

Essential CMO has been solving marketing and sales problems for more than 24 years.

Essential CMO is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with clients across the United States and Canada. It is owned by Marketing Monsoon, LLC,  a growth agency specializing in lead generation, client acquisition and customer engagement with alternative energy, healthcare-related and HR consulting companies.

Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the renewable, cleantech and sustainability sectors. I help CEOs in these companies achieve their goals and reach their target markets. With over 24 years of experience in business and marketing, I know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.