Cleantech CEOs: here's why you need a fractional CMO for hire now

Cleantech CEOs: here's why you need a fractional CMO for hire now

What’s the urgency for marketing mastery?

Elements of the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have put life back into the residential renewable energy market (in the US), as well as utility-level programs.  The sector is once again the place of high potential, which for renewable and sustainable technology companies, is a good and bad thing.   The upside is the potential for more consistent business, the downside is increased competition.  One thing is clear, for any company intending to become or remain competitive and profitable in this new market, a new strategy is required. Pivoting to a new market and a new strategy is the best time to consider a fractional chief marketing officer for hire.

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What’s a Fractional CMO for Hire?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes. A great fractional CMO understands the outcomes that you need to achieve and what has worked so far and creates a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve those outcomes. In times of big change, those are the skills you want in your organization. The good news is, you don’t need to hire a full-time CMO to get the marketing leadership you need.

This is the best of all worlds for many CEOs:  A Fractional CMO is a marketing leader who can be agile, will work for YOU, and alongside you - and is much more affordable than a full-time CMO hire. Marketing leaders understand how to use and leverage all the available resources in an organization, including customer insights, creative content, performance analytics, and the latest marketing technology to achieve the visibility, growth, and customer retention any company wants and needs.

A fractional CMO that aligns with your mission and values

You’re in business to succeed obviously, and most leaders of renewable energy companies also have a passion for their product and how it helps their customers and the world. Everyone in your company should also be invested in the future you see -including and especially your marketing team. The team at Essential CMO is standing for a vibrant, healthy livable planet for all. This means we exist to help those companies succeed who are contributing to climate recovery and a healthy environment by enrolling users of their cleantech and renewable energy products and services. Everyone wins.

The opportunities to succeed in this sector are abundant.  However, without world-class marketing, the connection between messages and customers may be missed. Customers may miss their opportunity to save money on energy while lowering their carbon footprint.  

I have been working alongside CEOs for more than 24 years and I know their frustration over marketing that goes nowhere.  Over those years there have been changes in customers, in marketing opportunities as well as the tools to gauge what a marketing plan has to do next.  That makes this a new ball game for every company and why now is the best time for renewable sustainable energy companies to consider hiring a fractional CMO that gets them, and gets their market.

Now more than ever

Not quite a “perfect storm”, but certainly all the right factors are aligning for companies to make great things happen in renewable and sustainable energy.  The Fractional CMO concept has come of age, giving any company the opportunity to have world-class marketing and analytics.  The Essential CMO is in place with the tools and expertise to help companies make the most of the opportunity.  

Essential CMO is the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the renewable energy industry and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with clients across the United States and Canada. Essential CMO is owned by Marketing Monsoon, LLC,  a growth agency specializing in lead generation, client acquisition, and customer engagement with alternative energy, healthcare-related, and HR consulting companies. To schedule a Marketing Clarity Call, contact us at 866-851-1793 or schedule a call online.

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Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the renewable, cleantech and sustainability sectors. I help CEOs in these companies achieve their goals and reach their target markets. With over 24 years of experience in business and marketing, I know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.