Best 5 reasons to hire a fractional CMO

Best 5 reasons to hire a fractional CMO

Are you wondering “Should I hire a Fractional CMO?”

Your business is on the edge of greatness.  Big or small, a business in this situation needs to think about the best next step.  Stepping up your marketing game is certainly a step worth taking.  You either have an internal marketing team that is missing a bit of spark, or you’ve been doing all the marketing yourself and it's time to get some help.  

Bringing in a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can be expensive.  While there are plenty with marketing skills out there, the right person with the right mix of ideas and leadership could take time.  It also means a commitment to a full-time person where it can be luck or chance that they gel with you and your current marketing staff. You can’t afford to do nothing.  Is a new full-time employee the only answer?  Good question.  The answer is the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer or “fCMO”.

While a contractor with your organization, a Fractional CMO(fCMO) is not just a marketing consultant.  A Fractional CMO builds a deep knowledge and understanding of your business and develops the winning strategy based on your vision. They are also there to recommend the best tools, lead the implementation and drive results. A Fractional CMO brings strategy, analysis and leadership to your marketing efforts.

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If that is not enough to swing you to this concept that is growing in popularity,  consider these five reasons a Fractional CMO could be right for the success of your business:


Understand your marketing budget

1. Budget: Costs less than a full-time CMO

This is a bottom-line issue, right?  There is no doubt that when you consider costs like paying benefits and onboarding time, a contracted Fractional CMO will cost less while providing more value.  And you can manage the amount of time you feel is necessary. This gives your budget an advantage and provides more of a say in just about every other aspect of the relationship.


Marketing expertise in your industry

2. Expertise: The fCMO brings the breadth of experience of an external consultant and the deep company knowledge of a full-time employee

Provides marketing advice that is specific, relevant and relatable to (your) business
Unlike a marketing consultant who may have one specific approach, a Fractional CMO is going to take a deep dive into your business to understand your vision and the company’s journey, and is committed to understanding how your company works, and where you want it to go to bring the best solution available.


Strategic focus on your bottom line

3. Strategic Focus: Takes an interest beyond the bottom line

A Fractional CMO takes ownership of and is committed to the success of a marketing plan. A marketing consultant will drop the plan on your desk and be out the door and on a plane home before you get past the introduction.  A Fractional CMO not only works with you on strategy, but is there to lead the implementation and evaluate the progress.


Marketing key performance indicators

4. Performance Oriented: Can bring marketing strategy into play quickly

The company that employs a Fractional CMO is agile.  When you are on the edge of success, that is not the time to wait for new employees to come up to speed, or even the additional time necessary to find those employees in the first place.  The Fractional CMO hits the ground running and comes with the tools and experience to make sure everyone is running toward success.


Supportive marketing leadership for your business

5. Marketing Leadership: Can provide direction and leadership to an internal marketing team

Companies will vary in terms of the type and experience of an internal marketing team.  Another thing that sets a Fractional CMO apart, is the ability to interact, lead and collaborate with internal staff on a long-term basis, including daily contact.  You are hiring a team member who doesn’t take up office space.


Whether you have an internal team or not, the Fractional CMO will have access to an entire outside professional team that supports your strategy.  A team that is invested in your company’s expense, without impacting your payroll.

Marketing in today’s world is about personalization and efficient return on investment. Understanding your audience and discerning the right analytical data will give your company a competitive edge. There are so many tools, analytics, and methods available to companies, it can be hard to determine which is right for your mission. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer has the qualifications to best translate your company's vision into a long-term marketing strategy.

Essential CMO is the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the renewable energy industry and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with clients across the United States and Canada. Essential CMO is owned by Marketing Monsoon, LLC,  a growth agency specializing in lead generation, client acquisition and customer engagement with alternative energy, healthcare-related and HR consulting companies. To schedule a Marketing Clarity Call contact us at 866-851-1793 or schedule a call online.

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Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, Fractional CMO

Jayne Burch, fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the renewable, cleantech and sustainability sectors. I help CEOs in these companies achieve their goals and reach their target markets. With over 24 years of experience in business and marketing, I know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.