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How Renewable Energy Companies Win with a Content Marketing Strategy

How Renewable Energy Companies Win with a Content Marketing Strategy

 There has never been a better opportunity for renewable energy companies to grow. As the weather has become more extreme, climate change has become one of the most critical issues to be addressed. 

Landmark legislation is being passed in the United States and Canada providing incentives for individuals and companies to adopt carbon reduction strategies. Renewable energy companies that are the first to recognize this opportunity and implement a well-thought-out content marketing sustainability strategy to attract new business, will jump ahead of their competitors.

What is content marketing?

Let’s start with the obvious. Content is a term we use to describe the written and visual media published online specifically on your website.

What many renewable energy companies don’t know is that what, where, and when you publish content sets your business apart and gives you a competitive edge. Publishing with a strategy i.e. specific goals makes all the difference in how relevant your content is to the audience you’re trying to reach (buyers of renewable energy systems). How often you publish new content determines whether or not you capture the attention of your prospective customers online.

New call-to-action

Why content marketing is critical for renewable energy companies now.

Here are three ways renewable energy companies win with content marketing.

  1. Win the search traffic game. The race to buy renewable energy products is on. With all the new incentives becoming available, buyers are searching online for solutions. If you want your prospective customers to find you, be where they are looking for answers. Do you know how to be found on the first page of search engines like Google? Websites with intentional design, providing authoritative answers to buyers' questions will be noticed first. Search engines look for content that is optimized to best fit their customers' questions. Your blog should be your buyer’s favorite source of information about renewable energy products and services.

  2. Win the trust game. Your content must meet the needs of your visitors. It must answer their questions and educate them on their options for renewable energy companies. Don’t make them talk to a salesperson to get the information they need. Today, no one is willing to talk to a salesperson when they can find the information they need to make a decision online, on their own. Show your expertise. Show you care about their needs and their time to gain their trust.

  3. Win the engagement game. When you offer a simple and compelling item such as an infographic or decision-making tool in exchange for their contact information you start a relationship. (e.g. infographics that assist them in choosing a renewable energy source that works best for them) Offer something they will see as a “no-brainer” decision.

Your visitors should be saying, “Oh, wow, that’s exactly what I was looking for!” so they have no reservations about giving you their email address.

Place a call to action to get your offer prominently on your website - front page and “above the fold” (no scrolling needed) - and at the end of each blog.

Next Steps:

Before you rush to publish, be sure to develop your content marketing strategy. An effective strategy identifies who your ideal customers are (aka your buyer personas), what their biggest concerns are (i.e. saving on their energy bills, lowering their carbon footprint, etc.), and how they consume their buying information and make buying decisions. Then, take these three actions to outplay your competition. You’ll attract more potential customers to your website and turn them into new business clients.

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