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How to Fuel Your Alternative Energy Business Growth with Content

How to Fuel Your Alternative Energy Business Growth with Content

Is your alternative energy company hitting a plateau? Struggling to increase sales and brand awareness? Content creation could be the missing puzzle piece.

Content creation, the process of developing written and visual content for your audience, is a key driver of a successful marketing strategy. It fuels your business’s growth, which is why you should care about it as a decision-maker.

Diving into the numbers:

  • Content marketing generates about 3x as many leads as traditional marketing
  • 61% of purchases online are the result of customers reading one of your blogs
  • 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content
    Source: DemandMetric

It’s obvious, that content creation is incredibly beneficial. While this seems straightforward, many companies in the renewable energy industry don’t produce their content. Why’s that? This is primarily due to a lack of resources such as cameras, photo, and video editing software, and employees that specialize in this work. Many also don’t see the benefit and are unaware that they should even do it.

To be successful in the digital age, it is pertinent to implement content creation. Here are the benefits and tips on how to get started.


Humanizing your brand

One of the most successful types of content creation involves documenting your employees on the job and what your work looks like. This could include images and videos of workers installing solar, wind energy, and more. 70% of customers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing. It helps your audience relate to you by humanizing your brand, thus building brand loyalty and customer retention.

Social media strategy

Having ample photo and video content can aid in your social media marketing, not to mention that images of clean energy are very appealing to customers. You’ll be able to post better content more frequently and build your customer base. For example, someone who is interested in solar energy may find your page, and see projects your company has worked on, which leads them to hire you to install solar on their home or business.

In addition to this, promoting your company’s solar array, wind turbine and other sustainability efforts on social media can help attract green-friendly customers. It’s a great way to show your value of caring for your customers and society.


One form of content creation involves writing blogs about your industry and company. Continually producing blogs can drive traffic to your website and produce new leads by writing about topics that people are searching for. Alternative energy is a big topic today, so producing blogs that discuss industry news will gain lots of traction.


Furthermore, having engaging imagery and resources online can increase user experience and decrease bounce rates on your pages. The resources you provide will also keep customers from looking elsewhere for information on your products and services.

How to get started

Are you convinced that your company needs to start producing content but don’t know where to start? Here are your next steps:

  • Set goals - Determine what you want to achieve. Build brand awareness? Generate more leads? Amplify your social media presence.
  • Hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - We’re here to help! Even if you already have a marketing department, our talented crew can help launch your content creation efforts. Likewise, if you don’t have marketing staff already, we will lead you through the entire process to kickstart your business growth.

Content creation is important not only for marketing professionals but for CEOs and other key business decision-makers as well. Start a conversation with us today to see if hiring a fractional CMO is right for your company!

Marketing Monsoon, LLC is a growth agency specializing in lead generation, sales enablement, and customer engagement for alternative energy, healthcare technology, and staffing and HR companies. Our expertise includes strategy development, content marketing, lead generation systems, local search marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.  Get started on your strategy today by reaching out to Marketing Monsoon at (866) 851-1793.

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