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AI in marketing: 10 ways to increase sales and customer engagement

AI in marketing: 10 ways to increase sales and customer engagement

Chatgpt and other AI offerings are shaking up the world right now.  Businesses are using it to write copy, papers, social media posts, new images, and full websites.  AI is even providing potential solutions to data and software issues just by asking, “What’s wrong with this code, or “Analyze this script for errors”. All of a sudden, you’re a writer, a software engineer, or a graphic designer.  These are interesting times as technology leaps ahead of best practices.  AI can certainly help just about any business in some way. So what's the next area of business to feel the power of AI?  Many believe it is Marketing and Corporate communications.   If your business is doing any inbound marketing, it is already using AI somewhere. 

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How is it helping your business? There are several ways that your marketing can be enhanced with AI. Here are ten of them:

1. Enhanced customer engagement

When you use AI chatbots. Your customer engagement opportunities just skyrocketed and became 24/7. You can now use bots to engage your customers With AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants as part of your marketing strategy,  AI has provided the opportunity to increase your customer engagement. 

2. Scalability

And quick.  Your efforts to reach your customers change as your business grows.  Enhancing your strategic marketing from current levels doesn’t take hiring more full-time staff. AI allows your marketing to move with your business.

3. Social media listening

This one could fall into both customer engagement and scalability.  Frankly, the opportunity to have AI assistance in social media listening is just plain efficient.  Want to have a handful of terms to target your specific customer in a hurry?  Systems like ChatGPT make getting…and using…audience insights faster.

4. Advertising and content creation

Online marketing is often content-driven.  New content regularly will draw your customers to your footprint in between purchases.  However, a steady flow of optimized content is not necessarily easy to maintain.  Using something like ChatGPT can at least (and perhaps in the most appropriate usage) provide additional ideas,  places to start, and a foundation for your efforts. 

5. Automation (social media)

Relentless posting across multiple platforms is time-consuming.  But content remains the most important part of digital marketing and automation can take some of that chore off your plate. As an example, AI can work with social media ad management and can analyze thousands of options for placement and budgeting.

6. Audience segmentation and personalization

For some businesses, their customer base is so diverse that without automation, the best way to market so broadly is by a scattergun approach that you hope will pick up a large chunk of each segment of your base. AI tools can help analyze large amounts of data and find actionable insight. 

7. Data-driven insights

AI-based marketing tools can provide greater insight into where your customer is in their buying journey.  It can provide a look at the competitive landscape.

8. Reputation management

Reputations can be improved in a variety of different ways.  With AI-powered tools in your marketing, you can build a reputation of being responsive to your customers, not to mention it can increase your standing as an expert in your industry.

9. Predictive and targeted content

AI helps your marketing be agile and responsive.  In doing so, your marketing can predict what your customers need and address content to satisfy that need.

10. Image recognition technology

Social Media platforms such as Instagram use this technology to help identify objects in social media posts. Through the use of this data, businesses can target customers interested in similar products.

With AI, it’s not the future: It’s now. Chatbots and other marketing automation had already brought the AI world to some businesses before platforms like ChatGPT hit the scene. Growth marketing has been using a growing number of AI principles over at least the last ten years. 

AI is here. Your competitors are going to use it to their advantage. Like any new technology horizon,  it is time to get clear. there are things to avoid, things to embrace, and a learning curve that is a moving target.  The bottom line for any CEO or CMO is to understand how AI is already supporting your business growth, and find other ways your marketing process can be automated using AI, but also understand there are risks that you need to be aware of and be prepared to mitigate.

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