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3 Reasons Why You Must Have Landing Pages to Get More Leads

3 Reasons Why You Must Have Landing Pages to Get More Leads

Is getting more business from your website your goal for this year? If you’re meeting your goals. Congratulations! If not, maybe it's time to assess your website’s lead generation readiness.

Does your website have landing pages available to convert visitors to leads? If your company is still sending all traffic to the home page and expecting phone calls or responses to generic calls-to-action like “Contact us” or “Call Today,” you're missing out on many potential leads.

Consider these three reasons why you need to have landing pages to generate more leads

Reason #1: A landing page gets more conversions than regular website pages

First of all, what is a landing page and how is it different from the home page of your website?

A landing page is very simple compared to the homepage. It has one job, and one job only - capture leads. A landing page is designed to present an offer, such as an ebook or infographic for download, and collect contact information. That’s it.

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The front page, on the other hand, has the job of showing the overall view of your company.

It’s the front door and the starting point for anyone who wants to understand who your company is and what it does. There are lots to read,  links to click and images to look at that compete with a call-to-action. The front page may have multiple calls to action - all competing for attention. It’s very easy for visitors to get distracted. The odds of visitors taking one particular action - signing up for something - get lower and lower.

When visitors arrive at your landing page, they know right away, what this is about, and what they’ll get if they sign up. There are no links to pull them away. The conversions on a landing page happen much more frequently than on the front page or other website pages. Doesn't it make sense to send traffic to a landing page?

Lead capture landing pages have a typical structure that includes:

1. An  offer in exchange for the visitor's email address (often presented with an accompanied 3D Image of the product)  

2. An enticing description of what they will get from what is being offered and its value to the visitor

3. A form to collect the contact information. The form is usually connected to some type of marketing automation program such as an autoresponder for follow-up.

Reason #2: Landing pages are more targeted.

Landing pages can be optimized to focus on a particular market segment or campaign. The item you offer on the landing page should be something that will appeal to your target market and specifically be helpful to your buyer persona. Landing pages have a description of the offer and its benefits. The entire focus of the page is the audience, their needs, and how the give-away helps them.

The form on the lead capture landing page can be short (just name and email,) or longer to collect more information from your new lead. Information such as company name, demographics, and especially answers to questions about what’s most important to the subscriber can be collected, providing valuable marketing intelligence.

Some lead capture systems can even present different forms (or Smart forms) based on whether the visitor has completed a form in the past on your website, and only ask for new information. 

Reason #3: Landing pages can be A/B tested and improved to capture even more leads.

You’re not going to continuously change your website's front page because it has so many different uses. Because a landing page has one goal - to convert leads - it makes sense to have more than one version and test each version to provide data for improvement.

Next Steps

The three reasons to have a landing page boil down to one big reason: more targeted leads. The more targeted leads you’re getting, the more sales.  The landing page is just one part of a lead generation system. For tips on how to optimize your landing page for more conversions, check out our ebook, “6 Must Have Landing Page Elements” which is part of our five-part series, “30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas” If you found value in this article, please share the article freely, you just might help someone else who is struggling with their lead generation.

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